Korean Beef and Rice

Korean Beef and Rice has a wonderful balance of ginger and garlic. It and cooks up so fast, it is truly a perfect weeknight meal.

Spicy Goulash with Beans

If you are looking to feed a large crowd and fill them up then look no further than this Spicy Goulash with Beans.

Bean Stacked Tortilla Bake

Bean Stacked Tortilla Bake is full of flavor and is a great Mexican night meal! It makes a wonderful lunch or dinner.

Potato Stuffed Peppers

Potato Stuffed Peppers is a great 5 ingredient meal. It is very flavorful and roasted vegetables make a great side pairing.

Crock-pot Beef Roast with Gravy

Crock-pot Beef Roast with Gravy is a MUST try. You wont believe how tender this beef is! Leftovers are great for making a roast beef sandwich.

Teriyaki Beef Stew

Teriyaki Beef Stew seems like it would be too sweet but it is perfectly balanced. I love this slow cooked meal cooks all day while I’m at work.

Beef and Black Bean Tacos

Beef and Black Bean Tacos are full of so much flavor you will be looking forward to the leftovers in your lunch.