Staying on Budget

For people who love money.

My name is Christin Lee and I am passionate about helping people build wealth by becoming debt free. Christmas 2020 was a big year for my husband and me because we paid off our home and truly became debt free. It took a lot of planning to get to that point in our life but it was definitely worth it. I am a natural saver and Andrew is a natural spender. We sat down and agreed on a plan with me being the gate keeper making sure we stayed on track. I am very proud of both of us and I can’t wait to share my budget tricks and tips with you!

You will notice that a large part of the blog is not about budgeting but about food planning. Groceries cost a lot and it is easy to waste money by not eating the food we buy. I strive to cook healthy food that tastes good within a reasonable budget. I started planning meals after Andrew and I got married when our food budget was $90 for two weeks.  You might have gasped here but we made it work.  I planned, scheduled, prepped and cooked. We made creative healthy meals.

Andrew was not versed in cooking when we met, so finding out I cooked everything from scratch was new for him. I cooked this way because it was cheap and I could not afford prepared meals. Now I cook this way becuase it tastes better and I love cooking. Our food budget has increased but we both strive to cook healthy food for a reasonable cost. We hope this blog will inspire you to plan, budget and cook with us!