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Weekly Dinners for 2 under $70 – Menu 4

Weekly Dinners featured this week: Garlic-Ginger Turkey Tenderloins ~ Beef Tacos ~ Italian Sausage and Vegetables ~ Decadent Tortellini Primavera

Weekly Dinners for 2 under $70 – Menu 4 will give you ideas or the exact menu and grocery list for this weeks dinners. Substitute different vegetables if you don’t like the ones I’ve selected. Also, if you don’t like some of the spices found in the recipes substitute them for ones you do like.

All recipes are suggestions. I can’t remember the last time I followed a recipe exactly to how it was written. I use what I have to keep cost down. If I don’t have the pasta it calls for I just make one I do have. If I don’t have the type of beans it suggests I use ones I do have. 

Rice – 

I prefer the taste of long grain rice, basmati rice or jasmine rice versus minute rice. I know cooking rice can sometimes be tricky but just watch your heat to water ratio and you will be just fine. I bought a rice maker and it has taken away the worry of burning rice on the stovetop and generates perfect rice every time. I highly recommend getting one if you don’t already have one.

Dinners for the week - About $69.60


Grocery List - Store brand (Metro Detroit)

Prep the week!

prep week

I like to gather my storage containers before I start my prep.  I love the look of the table with all of the containers and as I make progress the containers disappear leaving me with a sense of accomplishment and encouragement to keep going. This picture is an example of one of my prep weeks.

Storage containers needed:

I like to use a sticky note or paper with a piece of tape to label my prep containers with the name of the meals.

  • 1/2 cup; 10 cloves peeled garlic
  • 4 cups; 1 pound trimmed green beans (Side)
  • 4 cups; 24 oz. brussel sprouts (Side)
  • 4 cups; 2 zucchini, 2 red pepper, 1 onion (Italian Sausage and Vegetables)
  • 3 cups; 3 onions chopped (Beef Tacos, Rice, Tortellini Primavera)
  • 1 sandwich bag; shredded cheese (Rice)

Let's start prepping!

I like to use a vegetable chopper to speed up this process. 

Multiple Meals
  • Peel 10 cloves of garlic; refrigerate.
  • Trim green beans but do not rinse; refrigerate.
  • Trim brussels sprouts and cut in half but do not rinse; refrigerate
Italian Sausage and Vegetables
  • 2 medium zucchini cut into 1 inch pieces; refrigerate
  • 2 medium red peppers cut into 1 inch pieces; store with zucchini
  • 1 onion cut into wedges; store with zucchini and red peppers.
Beef Tacos, Rice and Tortellini Primavera
  • 3 onions, chopped; refrigerate.
  • Use a box grater on the largest side to grate pepper jack cheese block. Add to sandwich bag and store in refrigerator.

Tips and Tricks for the weekly meals to go flawlessly!

Always start by reading the recipe all the way through then read my tips.  Doing this before you start will help prevent “surprises” along the way. 

If I’ve posted it then I have eaten it and called it good.  Also, I know that the portions should work because I have done it.  No guess work here.

Measuring out your portion might be new for you and still leave you hungry after the meal. This is normal and it will take your body time to adjust. Try these tips:

  • Don’t miss your afternoon snack because being ravenous at dinner time will lead to over eating. 
  • Drink 8 ounces of water before you begin your meal and after you end your meal. 
  • Eat a salad or raw vegetables with your meal.
  • Eat a piece of fruit after a meal like an apple, pear, orange, etc. This will subside the hunger and it’s good for you. 
  • Wait 1 hour after your meal and if you are still hungry make some pop corn.  
Roasted Garlic Ginger Turkey Tenderloin
  1. Follow the recipe as directed.

  2. Add to a steamer basket:

    • 4 potatoes cut into quarters

    • Rinse brussels sprouts and add them to the potatoes

    • Cook for 20-25 minutes until vegetables and potatoes are tender. Enjoy!

**Be sure to set aside ½ garlic-ginger turkey tenderloin, potatoes, and brussel sprouts for Tuesday night’s dinner!
Beef and Black Bean Tacos
Tomato and Green Chili Rice
  1. Gather all the ingredients and place them on the counter.
  2. Start the rice recipe before prepping the beef tacos. 
**Be sure to save 1/2 the rice and 1/2 beef taco for dinner on Wednesday night.  

Warm garlic-ginger turkey tenderloin, potatoes, and brussel sprouts. Enjoy!

  1. Warm beef tacos and rice then serve with toppings. Enjoy!

  2. There will be more leftovers and it makes for a great lunch!

Italian Turkey Sausage and Vegetables
  1. Follow recipe as directed.

  2. Right before dinner add salad to a bowl
    • Chop 1 tomato for the salad. Enjoy!
**Set aside 2 servings for dinner on Saturday.
Tortellini Primavera

I consider this a cheat night or a special occasion dinner. It has just the right amount of richness to make you feel satisfied.

  1. Rinse green beans
  2. In a medium sauce pan add 1 inch of water, 1 peeled garlic clove, and green beans. Bring to simmer, cover and continue to simmer for 10 minutes until green beans are tender.
  3. Follow the recipe as directed

  • Warm Italian sausage and vegetables and serve with salad.

  • If you are low on lettuce you can cut the remainder of the iceberg from taco night and add to your salad. If you still have a tomato add that to your salad as well! Enjoy. 

  • There will be more leftovers and they make a great lunch!

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