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Ice cube trays are great for storing food

Ice cube trays are great for storing food and quickly add flavor to dishes with just one cube. Try: pesto, chipotle pepper in adobo sauce, lemon juice & more

A lot of ingredients add a zap of flavor to dishes but are hard to use up before they go off. I refer to these ingredients as flavor bombs and I freeze them in ice cube trays by 1 teaspoon. This makes it easy to add to dishes and best of all cuts down on waste!  

Why 1 teaspoon?

3 Teaspoons = 1 Tablespoon

It is easy to convert teaspoon to tablespoon but not tablespoon to teaspoon. 

Flavor Bombs to add in Meals

Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce

Chop adobo peppers and put them by the teaspoon into an ice cube tray then freezer for 24 hours. Remove from ice tray and add to a freezer bag for use at another time.

Fresh Herbs in oil

You can preserve fresh herbs by blending them in the food processor. Once they are in small pieces add some olive oil just until moistened. Measure 1 teaspoon in a small ice cube tray. Finish the tray by adding a little olive oil over each cube. You can blend a variety of herb mixtures and freeze for later.

Fresh Squeezed Lemon

I like to buy lemons in bulk because I use them often but sometimes I have weeks where I don't use them all before they start to go off. In these instances I squeeze the juice and place them in ice cube trays. These cubes are great for drinks or adding freshness to a meal.

Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice

I like to buy limes in bulk because I use them often but sometimes I have weeks where I don't use them all before they start to go off. In these instances I squeeze the juice and place them in ice cube trays. These cubes are great for drinks or adding freshness to a meal.


Freeze unused pesto in ice cube trays. I simply fill each cube with about 1 teaspoon of pesto. Once the tray is full I freeze for 24 hours then place in a freezer zip bag. This makes it easy to use pesto whenever I need it.

Tomato Paste

I am guilty of throwing away the remaining paste when I did not use the entire can. I have discovered by freezing it, I will use it to add flavor to sauces or to thicken soup. These frozen freezer tomato balls are great when you only need a couple of tablespoons of paste.

Other Bombs:

  • Ginger – Freshly Grated
  • Fresh Herbs in Oil examples:
    • Thyme
    • Rosemary
    • Dill
    • Basil
    • Parsley
    • Cilantro
    • Sage

Flavor Bombs to add to Drinks or Meals


Freezing lemonade is a great way to not water down your drinks. I like to put these cubes in wheat beer for a fresh summer shandy or try them in whiskey sour, soda water or ice tea. Create your own variation!

Cranberry Juice

We are not big juice drinkers so when we have parties and buy mixers for cocktails often times we are left with a lot of left over juice. I like to freeze the juices in cubes and add 1 cube to a glass of water to add some pizzaz. Sometimes I add the cubes to a martini to add extra flavor.

Other Bombs:

  • Juice
  • Berry puree’s 
  • Blended fruit such as peaches, kiwi, plums, etc. 

What Foods to Freeze in 1 cup Ice Cube Trays

Homemade Chicken Broth

I make large batches of chicken and beef broth then pressure can it. I always end up with about 1 cup of broth left in the pot. Instead of tossing it out I freeze it in 1/2 cup cubes.

Chicken Soup

I like to make a large batch of chicken soup then remove half of it from the pot to cool and freeze. Make sure you freeze chicken soup with NO noodles in 1 cup increments. I thaw it in a soup bowl in the refrigerator. Reheat and add 1/4 cup of cooked noodles.

French Onion Soup

Andrew loves French Onion soup but it takes hours to cook. I make a large batch and freeze 1/2 of it in 1 cup cubes. This makes a quick side to a sandwich or salad at lunch. I freeze a lot of soups and they really come in handy.


I love Thanksgiving Gravy and when I make it, I make a lot of it. I like to freeze the leftovers so I can enjoy it in different meals. My favorite gravy is Ina Garten – Make-Ahead Turkey Gravy with Onions & Sage.

Other Meal Ideas:

  • Any broth or stock such as:
    • Vegetable Broth
    • Beef Broth/Stock
    • Mushroom Broth
  • Marinara Sauce
  • Spaghetti Sauce
  • Soups without starch

How Long to Store Flavor Bombs?

I store these for 1 to 3 months depending on what it is. Look for freezer burn and if you see it then toss it. I keep my flavor bombs in my upstairs freezer so they are readily available which means I use them before they go bad. 

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