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Delicious Yogurt Wheat Bread with Wheat Germ

Finally a wheat bread my husband does not complain about eating! I am always looking for a way to add more fiber without losing taste and wheat germ ticks that box for me. This will be your next go to bread!

We’ve been making bread for years!  It’s cheaper and it taste much better.  Plus it doesn’t have all of the preservatives found in the store-bought variety.   This bread not only taste good but it is very good for you. It has just the right amount of wheat flour. In this recipe, the addition yogurt makes for a rich and delicious bread.  Adding a little wheat germ ups the fiber content without changing the flavor.   This bread also freezes very well, I’ll include some freezer instructions at the end of this post.  

I like to use a stand mixer with a bread hook attachment for this, it takes a lot of work out of the process.  You can also do this by hand, which can be a bit therapeutic to be honest.  Either way, you will end up with a delicious wheat bread that you’ll want to make again and again.

Let's make Yogurt Wheat Bread!

  1. I like to use a stand mixer but you can also do this by hand.
  2. Measure yogurt and let sit in measuring cup at room temperature for 15 minutes. 
  3. Heat water over 100° F but under 115° F.  If the yeast is too cold it will take longer to activate if it is too hot then it will die.
  4. Add water and yeast to a large bowl or stand mixer bowl; stir.
  5. Let stand for at least 10 min.
  6. Turn the mixer on low then add: sugar, olive oil, whole wheat flour, wheat germ and yogurt.
  7. Add salt.
  8. Slowly incorporate flour 1/4 cup at a time until all the flour is mixed in.
  9. Stand Mixer: Mix on low speed for 8 minutes or knead by hand.  This is a sticky dough.  
  10. Lightly flour a surface and remove dough from mixer. Knead the dough a few turns about 5.  Poke your finger in dough to be sure it springs back.  If not keep kneading.
  11. Place 1/8 teaspoon of olive oil a large bowl spreading evenly then add dough turning once so the top is oiled and cover bowl with a cloth.
  12. Place in a warm dry place for 1 hour or until the dough doubles in size. I like to set my oven at 170° then turn off and place the dough inside the oven.
  13. After the dough has risen punch down. 
  14. Grease the loaf pan then add parchment paper so the loaf does not stick to the pan.  Add dough, cover and place back in your warm dry place for about 1 hour.  
  15. After the dough has risen again, preheat oven to 375° F and bake for 35 minutes.
  16. Cool completely on a wire rack.

Freezing Homemade Egg Bread

One of the downsides to homemade bread is that it molds quickly, especially in the summer months.    The bread does not have the  preservatives found in the store-bought kind.   This is OK, we don’t want to be eating those preservatives anyway, and the problem can be easily solved with a freezer.

  1. Allow the bread to cool completely
  2. Wrap in plastic wrap then depending on the loaf size place in a freezer bag or wrap with tin foil and place the loaf in the freezer.

I like to slice the entire loaf, then wrap the slices in bundles of two, and store in a freezer bag.   This is perfect for making sandwiches, but bundle them in whatever quantity you tend to use them in.   They should still be easy to separate even though they were bundled together. To eat from freezer, separate the slices and toast or place on a paper towel until soft. I personally prefer toasting because it is better for your digestive system.  

Homemade bread takes a little time and effort, but the taste and aroma can’t be beat! Check out our egg bread recipe as well. It is great for kids and people who don’t like a strong wheat flavor. 

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I love bread and this recipe never fails me! Rich and delicious, this bread has flavor and fiber. I make two mini loaves and freeze the second.

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